2023.01.12  (India)
To the surprise of many, India, in recent decades has consistently experienced the highest growth in wine consumption in the world. To meet this demand, a significant quantity of wine is imported annually but India also has a mix of well-established and evolving domestic wineries

2023.01.12  (Canada)
The wine capital of Canada, Oliver, is home to nearly half of British Columbia’s vines and more than 40 wineries. To the west, the Golden Mile Bench Sub-GI soaks up the morning sun making it ideal for bright fruity reds like Cabernet Franc and whites of Pinot Gris and Chardonnay

2023.01.12  (Australia)
Pruning competitions are a global phenomenon. Aimed at professional agricultural workers, they essentially provide vineyard workers with recognition. The South Australian State Pruning Championship, for example, has been around for so long that no one knows exactly when it began

2023.01.12  (Global)
Want to evaluate wines more accurately when tasting? It takes practice just like many other things in life. First and foremost, develop your sense of smell. That’s what we use to identify flavours. Smell everything, then apply your growing sensual memories when tasting wine

2023.01.11  (Chile)
Chile's vintners are increasingly thinking about how to adapt to the climate shifts that have seen Andean wine country gripped by drought for over a decade. Chilean wine industry insiders say producers are now shifting south to regions with more rain as central areas became drier

2023.01.11  (Global)
20 years ago, vineyards were cultivated with herbicides, kept green with chemicals and protected from disease by fungicides. They looked lovely, but at what cost? Today there’s a real change in viticulture that places greater importance in nurturing the soil’s rich microbial life

2023.01.11  (New Zealand)
In the early 90’s, “Jurassic Park” actor Sam Neill planted his first vineyard in New Zealand's Otago region. With a focus on sustainable farming, his award-winning certified organic Two Paddocks brand crafts vibrant, refreshing, cool-climate wines, including a 96 point pinot noir

2023.01.11  (Europe)
Life's greatest gifts to Ernest Hemingway was an appetite and being born in a century that allowed him to indulge it. He said “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” Aside from Champagne at the Ritz, his taste ran to Rioja Alta, Valpolicella, Chablis and Tavel

2023.01.11  (Japan)
In Japan, wine is not thought of as an everyday libation. Instead it is seen as a luxurious and indulgent choice – with preference for French or Italian varieties. This seems to be changing now as the boom in Japanese wineries continues in Yamanashi, Hokkaido, Nagano and Yamagata

2023.01.11  (Western Europe)
In areas like Burgundy, Barolo, Champagne, and the Rhine Valley, where great vintages were once rare, warmer growing seasons – thanks to global warming – are making it easier to produce consistently exceptional wines, which is sending the price of regional wines and land soaring

2023.01.10  (Tanzania)
In the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, vines were first intoduced in Tanganyika in 1938 by missionaries near Kondoa. In 1957, the Bihawana Mission near Dodoma planted a few seedlings out of curiosity. They proved to be such a success that by 1984 there were 2,980 acres of vineyards

2022.12.27  (Global)
From reducing cancer risk to lowering cholesterol, boosting brain and heart function, regulating blood sugar and promoting longevity, red wine has long been linked to health benefits. The proviso is that it must be enjoyed in moderation. Regarde les Français ... ou peut-être pas

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