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As a creative writer who sets his stories of global adventure within the delightfully seductive world of wine, I am constantly researching everything related to grape-growing, wine-making, and the culture that supports, motivates and nurtures these fascinating pursuits.

Before deciding to explore the joys of becoming an epicurean novelist, I spent years travelling the world cultivating a career that gave me the opportunity to visit vineyards and wineries on virtually every continent — in countries where I had the great fortune of being able to taste some of the world’s finest wines, not only from legendary 'old world' winemakers like Lafite Rothschild and Tenuta Biondi Santi, but also from new and often adventurous vintners in places like Tanzania, Curaçao, Japan, and Indonesia.

The @DanteWineNotes, which are posted regularly throughout the year on Twitter, are a carefully decanted side-product of my ongoing research, especially as it relates to the history of wine. My hope is that you find these tweets informative and, on occasion, entertaining – if not amusing.

Daniel Dante
Novelist & Wine Aficionado

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