We have uploaded Resurrection to bandcamp.



Creation of the album cover

It was simple, two photos became one. I took the door, separated the doors so it looked open. The statue I made dark, putted a spotlight or lenceflair behind it in photoshop.


New video under progress

Last week I stopped by at one of my favorite churches, they got very nice wall painting from the middle ages. I made some shoots with my cam and I also recorded som video sequences. This will be a new video for one of the tracks for Soulgrinder´s album Resurrection.


Soulgrinder – Resurrection

Our project Soulgrinder have now released a new EP, it is the first released for about 17 years. Soulgrinder is a project by me and my brother Niclas. We gathering together last summer and stayed 48 hours, recording and writing songs and this became the outcome.


Soulgrinder – Tree of Life

Once when I was out walking in a forest I came across this tree. My thoughts, I have to do something with it. The roots looked like that the tree soon will leave the ground.

I desided to make a video, and after that I wrote a song, tree of life. So this tree inspired me to make a video and thereafter a song about trees.



Mandala started under the name Reincarnation as a basic thrash-metal band. In the beginning I played bas and later on guitarr. I started to write songs and tried to school it more into more gothic rock/metal. However, that was not so easy but it gave us our style.

This demo if found hidden in a box when I was cleaning. Belief was recorded 1992 under a rehearsal. In that time it was not easy to record with good sound. What we did, I borrorwed my parents sterio-video. I heard that the audio channels on a sterio video got next to the same quality as a cd. We putted one or two microphones in our place where we rehearsal, and just recorded it live.