Press release January 2017

Soulgrinder releases new material

The Swedish band Soulgrinder is about to unleash an EP with 4 brand new songs. This will be the first material since 1999 when the well-received debut album Enter (1998) was followed up by the Forgiven Ain’t Forgotten collection.

The first demo actually came out as early as 1993. Already back then Soulgrinder created a unique sound that often was labelled as a mixture of gothic and industrial metal. This in combination with strong material made the band a name in many parts of the world.

The band sadly split up in the year 2000. Since then Daniel Dante, one of the members, moved on as the song composer for Madness of the Night and Lithos Sarcophagos among other projects.

But now it is time to go back to the roots. The new EP will be faithful to the tradition of Soulgrinder. Old fans will recognize the heavy sound and the mesmerizing song structures that has been the band’s hallmark.

The tracks included will be:

  • Demons Inside
  • Bright Light
  • Trapped
  • Tree of Life

Soulgrinder – Resurrection (Released 2017)

Soulgrinder – Enter (Released 1998)