Review at Terra Relicta

A very nice review of our new EP- Resurrection, written by Thomaz Terra Relicta at his webzine, Terra Relicta can be found at here!

Soulgrinder today sounds even darker than before, the ambiance on all of the four songs is so very obscure, almost suffocating and I had a feeling of being trapped in some kind of a medieval dungeon. While those of you who were listening to before mentioned Lithos Sarcophagos will find many similarities, but still, in its essence Soulgrinder is darker, it’s not not only a goth rock act, there are many elements taken from industrial music, also doom metal, and I won’t be far away from the truth if I dare to say that also early primitive form of ”dungeon synth” had a bit of impact on the composer.

Soulgrinder – Angel of Death

This song is written by my brother Niclas for Soulgrinder around 1995. A song I like very much. I do not really remember all the process of the recording, but in that time we struggle with the recordings whenever we did not enter a real studio. This is recorded in our own studio, and evertyhing is mixed down live into a dat- recorder. I think we sampled my background voice and then Niclas sang live.

Soulgrinder – Wake Up (1993)

This is my first song I wrote for Soulgrinder, with some help of my brother. I had another band but we desided to write some songs together, and enter a studio. So we booked the studio before the songs were done. Some of the recording parts like solo guitars were improvised inside the studio.


We have uploaded Resurrection to bandcamp.


Creation of the album cover

It was simple, two photos became one. I took the door, separated the doors so it looked open. The statue I made dark, putted a spotlight or lenceflair behind it in photoshop.

New video under progress

Last week I stopped by at one of my favorite churches, they got very nice wall painting from the middle ages. I made some shoots with my cam and I also recorded som video sequences. This will be a new video for one of the tracks for Soulgrinder´s album Resurrection.

Soulgrinder – Resurrection

Our project Soulgrinder have now released a new EP, it is the first released for about 17 years. Soulgrinder is a project by me and my brother Niclas. We gathering together last summer and stayed 48 hours, recording and writing songs and this became the outcome.